Top IoT Platform Comparison

Top IoT Platform Comparison
The Internet of Things Platform or IoT Platform is a platform where developers develop IoT devices faster and easier. The IoT development is getting wider and faster that developers need more robust development system. Developers chooses to use IoT Platform to build their IoT devices. We can see in our home and even daily life some of IoT devices that has been developed. Here are some Iot Platform Comparison for developers:

AWS IoT Platform

The AWS IoT Platform provides a device SDK, secure device gateway, registry (for recognising devices), device shadows (a virtual version) and a rules engine (to evaluate inbound messages).

The vendor claims the new platform will make it easy to connect sensors – on cars, turbines, sensor grids and light bulbs for example – using the AWS’ public cloud to store, process and analyse the data by these devices.

Mesosfer Cloud Platform

Mesosfer Cloud Platform as a new Player can help developer connect more than a simple IoT Devices. It can connect more than just IoT Devices like a beacon and a Mobile Apps. The developers can manage more than one implementation in their platform.

On thing that makes developer more easier to implement their devices with Mesosfer is that they don’t need to use another platform. They can manage every implementation in one platform ay once.

IBM Watson

IBM’s Watson analytics platform is also being targeted at IoT use cases. Watson Internet of Things enables users to set up and manage IoT connected devices via IBM’s Bluemix, its hybrid cloud platform as a service (PaaS) development platform.

IBM Watson users receive device management, real-time data exchange, secure communications and data storage.

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