Internet of Things Platform Implementation

Internet of Things Platform Implementation
The Internet of Things has been a hype for years since it began to be popular through Auto-ID centre in MIT. It keeps developing through the years because people are finally noticing the benefit of Internet of Things.

The development of Internet of Things is getting wider and faster that developers need more robust development system. Developers chooses to use IoT Platform to build their IoT devices. We can see in our home and even daily life some of IoT devices that has been developed.

Some features that are available in IoT Platform and useful enough for IoT implementations are:

Real Time Storage DataInternet of Things technology needs integration with data storage (Cloud Storage), where data storage from sensor or data from other devices need a real time data storage. It is because IoT’s main focus is data streaming.

IoT Protocol Connection – Protocol Internet of Things from every device might be different. This makes developer must do many changes and data conversions.

Data Processing – Internet of Things is focused on faster data processing to make a real time data insight.

Analytic’s – Statistic processing and data management by various data connections and hardwares have to make a result about accurate data analytic.

Features are important things for developers if they want to build better performance of IoT devices. It helps developers manage their implementation and making sure it runs very well.

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